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Directed by the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Committee (CIEC), China Committee of Electric Vehicles 100 Members (China EV100) and Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, the International New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Competition of CIEC is the first international innovation and entrepreneurship competition specializing in the automotive industry. The competition will not only provide abundant bonus, international-class display platform and strong capital support, but also create opportunities for the incubation and industrialization of outstanding innovation projects from all around the world to open up the Chinese and international markets to connect to market resources, policies and capitals by taking the advantages of professional resources, integration capability and international influence of China EV100 to promote the technological reformation of new energy and intelligent vehicles and create a green intelligent new world. 


At the same time, in order to better solve the pain points of the entrepreneurship industrialization and promote the deeper docking and cooperation between the entrepreneurship program and the finished automotive factories and parts manufacturers, and fully show the creativity, practicability and commercial value, the Organizing Committee of the Competition adds the themed arena competition with creativity besides the main competition. The champion enterprises (combine with key products, technical requirements and industrial planning) and the Organizing Committee of the Competition jointly design the topic of themed arena competition. The winning teams in the themed arena competition will get a chance to directly cooperate with enterprises assigning the topic. BAIC BJEV arena competition, NextEV arena competition and Lifan arena competition will be held in Beijing before the global challenge match, and Infineon arena competition will be held in Shanghai in October. The participants can register both the main competition and arena competition with the attribute and feature of the program.


  • International Level:high-level standard and requirement of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (CIEC) and China EV100 enable the participant projects top-ranking.

  • Authoritative Mentors: professional guidance from authoritative mentors, consisting of academicians from national research institutions and professional elites such as department heads in leading enterprises, equips the projects with tremendous space of growth.

  • Star-studded Tycoons: hundreds of well-known international capitals will join in the competition.

  • Incubation Fund:reliable and flexible special fund will destine the outstanding projects one step ahead. Please be assured that, we will be always fired with an enthusiasm for outstanding projects.

  • Supporting Platform:CARIEDA Incubation Platform with professional services, perfect facilities, wide distribution and fashionable design will erase worries of start-up groups about the choice of business locations.

  • Various Activities:offline promotion activities with diversified forms, compact and practical arrangement, star-studded tycoons and overwhelmed creativities will put the outstanding projects into top-end customers' view.

  • Abundant Resources:in the platform, abundant professional resources in the industries of automobile, transport, energy, internet and finance are bound to help potential projects get fruitful outcome.

  • Overall Incubation:you will find that problems of all kinds in start-up, from technical exchange, professional guidance, capital collection, resource connection and market promotion to the final commercial operation of the project, can be solved easily, since you click on the "Registration" button.

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  • Beijing
  • Zhejiang
  • Shenzhen
  • Suzhou
  • Chongqing
  • International


About Organizers

China EV100: Founded in 2014, China Committee of Electric Vehicle 100 Members (known as China EV100) is an associated organization dedicated in to advancing the research, development and deployment of new energy vehicle in China.  China EV100’s membership includes more than 140 elites, across different industries and fields, from government departments, academic and research organizations, manufacturing and supplier companies related to electric vehicle.

Carieda: Jointly initiated by China EV100 and Institute for Innovation and Development, Tsinghua University, Carieda (Beijing) Scientific & Technological Incubator Co., Ltd. is a service platform aiming at supporting innovative entrepreneurs via the integration of automobile, human being, Internet and living ecosphere resources. Based on innovative technologies and commercial activities of automobile industry, the platform employs the mode of entrepreneurship incubation and entrepreneurship investment to effectively connect the newly-established enterprises to the policy, capital, marketing and other business partner resources.

China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (CIEC): China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (CIEC) is a nationwide entrepreneurship competition with the theme of “technological innovation, great achievements”, co-directed by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and supported by Central Committee of Communist Youth League, Central Committee of China Zhigong Party, State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affaires and China Merchants Bank. The competition has been held for four times and enjoyed the fame of domestic top level innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China.


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